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Fire Extinguisher sizes; 0.75Kg, 1.0Kg, 1.5Kg, 2.0Kg, 2.5Kg, 4.5Kg & 9.0Kg

Description: Red/White band

Ratings 1A:10B:E,  1A:20B:E,: 2A:20B:E, 2A:30B:E, 3A:60B:E, 4A:80B:E, 6A:80B:E 

Class A:
Ordinary Combustibles
Class B: Flammable and combustible liquids
Class C:: Flammable gases
Class E: Electrically energized equipment


The DCP or ABE Fire Extinguisher contains dry chemical powder and is suitable for fighting

fires involving flammable liquids, Paper, Wood, Cardboard, Solvents, Paint, Petroleum,

Methylated Spirits & Electrical fires.

Call 1300 fireonline

Phone: 1300 347 366

Mobile; 0418 340 434 

Fax to email: 03 8692 6949 


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Please allow 1 to 2 Business days for money to be cleared,
then allow 4 to 14
Business days for your purchase to be delivered.

A tracking number will be sent to you by email to follow your purchase.

* Please contact FIREONLINE if you get error with your shopping cart *


All fire equipment, cabinets, first aid supplies, safety equipment and spill kits 
sold by Fireonline is Manufactured to comply with AS/NZ Standards.

** 5 Year Factory Warranty on Fire Extinguishers **

* conditions apply

"The Higher the Rating the better the Protection" 

Terms of sale

Damian Jones trades as Fireonline; ABN; 48 337 369 765

** Extra freight charge may apply to orders going to the rural area of WA, NT, Tasmania & some parts of QLD & SA ** 

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